Thorne Melcher

Thorne N. Melcher

Tech Exec, Coder, Activist, & Writer


About Me

I'm a Millenial (yes, that dirty word) that's passionately coded since the age of eight. I've spent my life so far tirelessly working hard to build cool things that are powerful and meaningful. Currently, as I am working at CrowdMed, that feels more true than ever. I'm one of those people with a blog.

I dropped out of college (don't try this at home, kids!) to focus on two things: being truer to myself and being truer to my dreams. I feel deeply fortunate every day to work with some of the brightest people in the world solving challenging problems.

My two biggest passions in life are programming and writing in that order. The sense of reward they bring me is profound. I also happen to be obsessed with cats, corgis, LGBTQ+/Leftist activism, Zen, philosphy, video games, and, most of all, my beautiful girlfriend.

Up Down


Languages & Frameworks

I'm a coding polyglot that believes in constantly learning new languages. My current areas of focus are C#, JavaScript, and Ruby, though I have a lot of past experience as well with Java, C++, and PHP. I, like a lot of web devs, have tons of experience in jQuery, though these days I prefer using tools like Angular, React, and Knockout instead.

User Experience

Many software engineers are capable of building powerful software, but they aren't able to make it inuitive and fun to use. I've spent a lot of time mastering UX and learning what kinds of small changes can make a big impact on user happiness and success.


Far too many tech industry folks fail in one simple category: communication. I'm as comfortable writing documentation as I am writing code, though my true passions lie in creative, not technical writing.


I've lead teams of various sizes from different points in the ladder. I've been just one of many team leads in the organization focusing on one small sliver of the company, and I've run entire technology departments. No matter the scope or the size, I believe in treating everyone with respect and do what I can to enable their success.

Recent Experience

Chief Technology Officer

CrowdMed (2017 - present)

Leading the technology initiatives at an innovative healthcare-focused tech startup that solves difficult medical cases.

Chief Technology Officer (2016 - 2017)

Spearheaded the initiative to build out new tools and explore new marketplace integrations for an e-commerce company.

Contract Senior Engineer

Clear Function (2016)

Worked on several client projects in C#, JavaScript, and Ruby to help out a dynamic and service-oriented tech startup.

Senior Software Engineer

MapLarge (2015-2016)

Built out new features for a big data mapping company that serves government and enterprise clients. Did full-stack work on both the .NET backend and the Knockout frontend.